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Water Well Standards Forms

The Water Well Standards Act (12-5-120 thru 138) provides standards for the siting, construction, operation, maintenance, and abandonment of wells and boreholes to protect public health and water resources of the State. The Water Well Standards Advisory Council (Council), appointed by the Governor, is responsible for implementing the requirements of the Act, including the licensing of water well drillers, the certification of pump installers, the investigation of complaints, the collection of fees, and the application of penalties and fines.

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) serves as Agent for the Council, and supports the Council by examining applications, issuing licenses and certifications, performing practical drilling examinations, and conducting investigations of complaints, and other duties following approval by the Council. EPD also maintains listings of active licensed water well drillers and active certified pump installers.

List of Georgia Licensed Water Well Drillers and Certified Pump Installers

Water Well Standards Act Council - Laws [2016]

Water Well Standards Act Council - Rules [2016]

Water Well Standards Advisory Council - Members - 2016

What You Need to Know About Water Wells in Georgia [Revised 1995]

Grouting and Plugging of Domestic Wells in Georgia [Revised 1988]

Well Completion Data Form [Revised Nov 2014]

Water Well Standards Advisory Council Fee and Penalty Schedule *Updated*

Water Well Driller Fee and Penalty Schedule [Revised Dec 2012]

Water Well Pump Installer Fee and Penalty Schedule [Revised July 2014]

Water Well Driller Licensing

Water Well Driller New Applicant Packet [Revised Dec 2012]

Water Well Driller Renewal Application For Currently Licensed Drillers [Revised Dec 2014] *Updated*

Template for Water Well Driller Performance Bond and Irrevocable Letter of Credit [Revised Dec 2014]

Water Well Pump Installer Certification

Water Well Pump Installer New Applicant Packet [Revised July 2014]

Water Well Pump Installer Renewal Application for Currently Certified Pump Installers [March 2016] *Updated*

Template for Water Well Pump Installer Performance Bond [Revised May 2016]

Irrevocable Letter of Credit [Revised May 2016]

Environmental Drilling Contractors

Environmental Driller Contractor Bond Information 

Environmental Driller Application [Revised December 2015]

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