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Air Information Subscriptions

Below is a list of all the public subscription services sponsored and maintained by the EPD Air Protection Branch.  For information regarding Rulemaking see https://epd.georgia.gov/proposed-rules

Air Public Notices/Advisories
Weekly public advisories and non-rule notices regarding Air Permitting, SIP submittals, and other topics
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Air Emissions Inventory
Information relating to the annual facility emissions inventory
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Greenhouse Gas Regulation Development
Information relating to greenhouse gas regulation development by EPA, and development of Georgia’s 111(d) Plan.
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Air Testing and Monitoring
Information for Testing and Monitoring procedures
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Air Title V Permitting
Title V related information
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Small Business Environmental Assistance Program
Information relating to small business assistance
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Radioactive Materials Program Notices
Information related to the regulation and control of radioactive materials (excluding rulemaking)
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