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Engines and Fuels

Alternative Fuels & Low Emission Vehicle Tax Credit

Alternative fuels can be cleaner for the environment. Beginning July 1, 2015, the State of Georgia offers an income tax credit to taxpayers who purchase new commercial medium-duty or heavy-duty alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) that operate using at least 90% alternative fuel. Qualified AFVs must be purchased before June 30, 2017. If your vehicle is registered in Georgia and powered solely by an alternative fuel, you may be eligible for one of  the following tax credits:

  • Medium or Heavy Duty Alternative Fuel Vehicle

  • Vehicle Conversion

  • Electric Vehicle Charger ­ eligible for business enterprises

    Please refer to Fact Sheet for more details.

Gasoline Vapor Recovery 

Gasoline Vapor Recovery is the system used to capture vehicle refueling emissions by transporting the vapor back to the tank and collecting the emissions during fuel delivery to the gasoline dispensing facility. The system recovers at least 98% of the emissions at gasoline dispensing facilities during gasoline drops.

Fumes from gasoline contribute to ground level ozone pollution and may contain carcinogens. The Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) process limits the amount of fumes and toxic compounds emitted into the air. In some areas of Georgia, you are required to install EVR Stage I systems. Please see individual pages below regarding gasoline vapor recovery.