A Branch of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division

How We Keep Your Air Clean

We measure air quality across Georgia by operating and maintaining a network of monitoring sites all throughout our state.  We share the air quality data we collect, forecast the Air Quality Index of the day, and produce an annual report on the state of air quality in Georgia at our air monitoring website.

We develop state implementation plans (SIP) required by the Clean Air Act that explain how we intend to comply with the most recent National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). Air quality planning and rulemaking allows us to improve air quality in Georgia strategically by allocating the right resources to address the most pressing air pollution problems.  The plans are approved by the US EPA and often require advanced technical demonstrations that include air quality modeling, monitoring, and rule development activities.

We issue permits and inspect stationary sources of air emissions such as industries and power plants to make sure they comply with all state and federal air pollution requirements.   We verify facility emission and testing information to make sure it is accurate and complies with state and federal standards.

We investigate complaints and violations of state and federal air quality laws and regulations.

We oversee a vehicle emissions testing program that covers 13-counties where ground-level ozone is high.