A Branch of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division

Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) Unit

The Inspection and Maintenance [I/M] Unit’s primary responsibility is the implementation and management oversight of the Georgia Vehicle Emissions Inspection and Maintenance Program, better known as Georgia’s Clean Air Force.

The I/M Unit oversees all functions performed by the management contractor and other I/M related contracts with Georgia Tech, Georgia Department of Revenue and others. Additional information can be found at the Georgia's Clean Air Force's website.

The Unit is also responsible for developing and recommending necessary I/M Program Rule changes for proper and effective operation, developing software specifications for the emission testing equipment and handling any high-level issues not within the scope of the management contractor.

Additional responsibilities include providing a supportive role to the Mobile and Area Enforcement Unit, compilation of required reports, coordination of interaction with the I/M testing industry, the I/M Industry Advisory Board and other stakeholders such as the 13 county tag offices and various other groups and agencies.

GCAF 2015 Annual Operations Report

GCAF 2016 Annual Operations Report

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