A Branch of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division

No Permit Required (NPR) Exemption

Georgia Air Quality Rule 391-3-1-.03(6)(i)3

Georgia Air Quality Rule 391-3-1-.03(6)(i)3 provides an exemption from permitting for a modification or modifications that meet the requirements of the rule. If a modification or a consecutive set of unpermitted modifications have cumulative potential emission increases less than the thresholds indicated in the rule, permitting action can be deferred under Rule 391-3-1-.03(6)(i)3.

When the cumulative potential emission increases for a pollutant reaches the threshold for that pollutant, permitting action must occur for the modification(s).

The forms available on this page are to be completed when a facility is making a modification and claiming an exemption under Georgia Air Quality Rule 391-3-1-.03(6)(i)3. The form consists of two Microsoft Word™ documents in a Zip file. Both forms must be submitted to the Air Protection Branch for a "No Permit Required" determination to be made.