A Branch of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division

Planning and Support Program

Phone: 404-363-7000  
Fax: 404-363-7100

The Planning and Support Program is responsible for all rulemaking and air quality planning activities for the Air Protection Branch.

  • Develops emission inventories for the state of Georgia.
  • Coordinates and develops air pollution reduction control strategies.
  • Performs computer dispersion modeling for permit reviews and air quality planning.
  • Plans for air quality attainment; coordinates the development of state implementation plans and rule makings.

James Boylan
Program Manager
Phone: 404-363-7014

Data and Modeling Unit
Di Tian
Unit Manager 
Phone: 404.362.4851
Email: Di.Tian@dnr.ga.gov

Emissions and Control Strategies Unit
Deborah Basnight 
Unit Manager
Phone: 40-363-7134
Email: Deborah.Basnight@dnr.ga.gov

Planning & Regulatory Development Unit
Elisabeth Munsey
Unit Manager
Phone: 404-363-7131
Email: Elisabeth.Munsey@dnr.ga.gov

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