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Stage II Vapor Recovery

Rule 391-3-1-.02(2)(zz)

Managed by the Petroleum Industry Regulatory Team 

Shaheer Muhanna 

Air Branch Contact:
Bassey Udosen: 404-363-7050 

Effective May 4, 2014, Rule 391-3-1-.02(2)(zz), "Gasoline Dispensing Facilities – Stage II" has been amended to remove the requirement for Gasoline Dispensing Facilities to install Stage II vapor controls. Due to federal vehicle requirements, Stage II no longer provides an environmental benefit.

Subparagraph (2)(zz)21. is added to require Decommissioning of Stage II Vapor Recovery Systems between May 1, 2014, and April 30, 2016, and to specify the procedures for decommissioning.

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Effective Date of Rule Change - May 4, 2014.

EPD conducted two workshops (April 10th and June 11, 2014) to assist parties affected by this rule change. The workshop materials below focus on the approved procedures for decommissioning Stage II Gasoline Vapor Recovery Systems. 

Download the Stage II Decommissioning powerpoints from the workshops below:

Download Stage II Decommissioning Test Report Forms and Decommissioning Checklist