CDX-NetDMR Signatory Account Creation

This PowerPoint will walk the user through the account creation process using CDX and then NetDMR.

Current NetDMR training PowerPoint

These are the training slides used for NetDMR training. They are available in both PowerPoint and PDF formats.

Migration to Central Data Exchange (CDX) PowerPoint

This is EPAs PowerPoint to describe the CDX migration to take place in May of 2017.

NetDMR CDX Flyer

This EPA document describes changes to the login process that will be effective May 19, 2017.

NetDMR Permittee and Data Provider User Guide

NetDMR Permittee and Data Provider User Guide

Quick Guide: How Do I Find My DMR

This quick guide provides an overview of how to find your DMRs within NetDMR.

Quick Guide: NetDMR Account Creation

A quick tutorial guide covering NetDMR account creation using the EPA CDX system.

Quick Guide: NetDMR Signatory Role

The Signatory role is an important role within the NetDMR system. This document provides additional information on the Signatory role.

Quick Guide: Requesting NetDMR Roles

This guide gives a quick explanation of how to request roles in NetDMR.

To make an access request in NetDMR, you’ll first need to have a User Account.  Please see the NetDMR Account Creation guide or video if you’d like a walk-through.

It’s also recommended that you take a few minutes to read the Understanding NetDMR Roles document located on the NetDMR technical assistance site.

Quick Guide: Understanding NetDMR Roles

In the NetDMR system, DMRs are tied to a valid Permit-ID. A valid Permit-ID is your National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit number. It is the permit number as shown on your NPDES permit. It begins with GA and may be followed by an additional letter or a series of numbers like one of the following formats, GA###### or GA#######. In order to work with a DMR, you must first request and then be granted a valid Role for the particular Permit-ID.  Based upon this Role, you’ll be given access to the DMRs associated with that Permit-ID.