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Permit Requirements Guidance and Forms

Please see the below sections for guidance and forms related to each of the basic components of a wastewater permit: 

Standard Conditions

Duty to Reapply

Operator Certification

Special Permit Conditions

Best Management Practices for Mining

Pretreatment Program

Sludge Management Plans

Savannah 5R Alternative Restoration Plan Annual Report

The Savannah 5R Alternative Restoration Plan Annual Report is applicable to Savannah River/Harbor dischargers who have been allocated an Ultimate Oxygen Demand (UOD) loading. The annual report will characterize a facility’s discharge and confirm that the facility’s discharge was appropriately represented in the Savannah River and Harbor DO Calculator Version 4.0 (June 2010). Reports are due no later than November 15th of each year.

Reporting Conditions

Electronic Monitoring Reports

  • Please visit the following link to submit monthly DMRs and OMRs: NetDMR
  • Example OMR for Industrial NPDES and Pretreatment Facilities

Annual Reports