A Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Public Notice Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany Ga

September 14, 2015

The Environmental Protection Division (EPD) of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, under the authority of the Georgia Hazardous Waste Management Act, O.C.G.A., Section 12-8-60, et. seq. as amended, announces its intent to renew Hazardous Waste Facility Permit No. HW-009(S) issued to the Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) located in Albany, Georgia 31704.  The facility’s identification number is GA7170023694.  If renewed, the permit will allow for storage of 26,400 gallons of hazardous waste in containers within the permitted storage building, and corrective action for historic releases.  Additionally the permit is being revised to update the status of three (3) solid waste management units (SWMUs) where investigations have documented that the units do not pose a risk to human health and the environment, or where remediation of contamination is complete; and therefore, no further action is required at this time. 


MCLB generates hazardous waste from various maintenance activities at its facility.  MCLB was initially issued Hazardous Waste Facility Permit No. HW‑009(S) on September 4, 1984 for the storage of hazardous waste in containers, and for investigation, and if warranted, the corrective action for solid waste management units.  The permit was subsequently renewed on December 9, 1994 and December 9, 2004. MCLB submitted an application to EPD on June 4, 2014 requesting the renewal of its hazardous waste storage facility permit pursuant to the provisions of the Georgia Rules for Hazardous Waste Management, Chapter 391-3-11 (Rules).  


A draft renewal permit has been prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Rules.  The draft permit contains requirements for the permitted hazardous waste storage facility, corrective action of contaminated groundwater, and if warranted, the investigation and subsequent correction action for any newly discovered solid waste management units at the facility.  The draft permit does not allow for disposal of hazardous waste on-site.


Before making its final decision to issue or deny the permit, EPD is providing an opportunity for public comment from September 15, 2015 to October 30, 2015.  During the public comment period, copies of the draft permit and supporting documents will be available for public review at the following locations during regular business hours:



Dougherty County Public Library

300 Pine Avenue

Albany, Georgia 31701

Phone:  (229) 420-3200




Georgia Environmental Protection Division

                     Land Protection Branch

                     2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive SE

                     Floyd Towers East, Suite 1052

                     Atlanta, Georgia 30334

                     Phone: (404) 656-2833


EPD will schedule a public hearing on the draft renewal permit if a request for one is received by the Director before the close of the public comment period.  The hearing is a forum for interested and affected persons to submit formal comments on the MCLB draft renewal permit.  Statements at the hearing may be oral or written.  A written transcript of the hearing will be available to the public.


The EPD invites comments during the public comment period to be made in writing.  All comments received on or before October 30, 2015 will be considered when the final decision to issue or deny the permit is made.  All comments should be forwarded to Amy Potter at the above Atlanta address.


Any questions regarding the permit application or the public participation process should be addressed to Adam Hanley at 404/657-8630.

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