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Wastewater (NPDES & LAS) Forms

Contacts: Gigi Steele, 404.463-4949; Audra Dickson, 404.463.4934


These forms are available from USEPA NPDES Permit Program Basics: Permit Applications and Forms page.  Below are direct links to most recent forms available from USEPA. *Updated*

ANTI-DEGRADATION ANALYSIS: (new or expanded point source which will degrade or lower water quality is proposed for discharge to surface waters)


Land Application System Permit Form

Pretreatment Permit Form

General Permits, Notice of Intent (NOI) Forms, & Notice of Termination (NOT) Forms

  • New dischargers seeking coverage under the following industrial general permits must submit a NOI form and an Antidegradation Analysis at least 30 days prior to the date of desired coverage. Coverage will commence upon the date that a Notice of Coverage is signed.
  • Anti-degradation Analysis Checklist & Form (Industrial) (for new or major modification dischargers)


Settlement Pond Discharge from Sand & Gravel Dredgers

Once-Through Non-Contact Cooling Water With No Chemical Additives

Mining and Process Facility General Permit


Animal Feed Operation Land Application System (LAS)(300 to 1000 animal units)

Animal Feed Operation Land Application System (LAS)(greater than 1000 animal units)

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit


Large Community Subsurface Systems

Private and Industrial Development (PID) WPCPs

Filter Backwash Discharges Associated With Water Treatment Activity With Sludge Handling Capability

Aquatic Pesticides to Waters of the State