Air Protection Branch

The Air Protection Branch of Georgia EPD is responsible for protecting Georgia's air quality through the regulation of emissions from industrial and mobile sources. Also, the Branch is responsible for monitoring the ambient levels of air pollutants throughout the State and providing the State ambient air quality information at the Ambient Air site.

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The Air Protection Branch is part of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD), an environmental regulatory agency within state government. The work we do protects Georgia's air quality by regulating air pollution from factories, power plants, and vehicles. We also measure air quality throughout our state to make sure Georgia meets all the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS).

Responsibilities - Air


  • Monitoring Air Quality Statewide
  • Permitting Stationary Sources (Such as Factories and Power Plants)
  • Licensing Users of Radioactive Materials
  • Inspecting Sources Permitted and Licensed by the Branch
  • Auditing and Reviewing Stack Tests for Some Sources Permitted by the Branch
  • Overseeing the Georgia Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program
  • Providing Assistance to Small Businesses
  • Developing State Air Quality Rules and State Implementation Plans (SIPs)
  • Modeling and Emission Inventory Development
  • Fee Collection and Financial Management

We are divided into six Programs.