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Environmental Emergencies

Call (800) 241-4113 to report an environmental emergency requiring immediate attention, such as a spill or chemical release.

General Questions or Complaints for EPD

  • Contact the EPD District Office serving your county.
  • [email protected]  (Note: This e-mail is not intended to be used for official notifications or for other types of communication as may be required by Georgia statutes or rules.)

Note regarding moldCurrently, there are no federal or state regulations or standards for airborne mold contaminants and, accordingly, the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) does not regulate mold in homes and businesses.  EPD recommends working to resolve mold issues with the property owner/landlord and, if appropriate, contacting a mold remediation contractor.  Information about mold is available on the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website at

Air Protection Branch

Contact the Air Protection Branch about air permits, air quality, air toxics, chemicals and minerals, radioactive materials, vehicle emissions, and volatile organic compounds.

  • Primary: (404) 363-7000
  • Fax: (404) 363-7100

Radiation Programs

  • Primary: (404) 362-2675
  • Fax: (404) 362-2653

Atlanta Tradeport
4244 International Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30354

Land Protection Branch

Contact the Land Protection Branch about asbestos, biomedical waste, brownfields, hazardous waste, investigations and cleanups, lead paint, recycling and waste reduction, scrap and used tires, solid waste, surface mining, and underground fuel storage tanks.

Land Branch Programs

Hazardous Waste Corrective Action Program

  • Primary: (404) 657-8600

  • Fax: (404) 651-9425

Hazardous Waste Management Program

  • Primary: (404) 657-8600

Response and Remediation Program

  • Primary: (404) 657-8600

2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30334

Solid Waste Management Program

  • Primary: (404) 362-2692

Underground Storage Tank Management Program

  • Primary: (404) 362-2687

Atlanta Tradeport
4244 International Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30354

Watershed Protection Branch

Contact the Watershed Protection Branch about wastewater, drinking water, water withdrawals, stormwater, erosion and sedimentation, dam safety, water well standards, drought management, and water efficiency.  

Watershed Branch Programs

Drinking Water Program

  • Primary: (470) 524-2567

Non-point Source Program

  • Primary: (470) 938-3384

Regulatory Support Program

  • Primary: (470) 524-0605

Wastewater Regulatory Program

  • Primary: (470) 524-0726

Water Supply Program

  • Primary: (470) 251-4897

Watershed Compliance Program

  • Primary: (404) 463-4953

Watershed Planning and Monitoring Program

  • Primary: (404) 463-4929

2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr.
Suite 1152, East Tower
Atlanta, GA 30334

Georgia Environmental Policy Act

Government agencies can mail environmental effects reports (as referenced in the Download this pdf file. Georgia Environmental Policy Act ) to:

Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Environmental Protection Division
2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr.
Suite 1456, East Tower
Atlanta, GA 30334

    Offices and Locations

    The  Download this pdf file. Georgia EPD Directory contains contact information for EPD branches, programs, and district offices. (Revised November 2021)

    District Offices

    Emergency Response

    • Primary: (770) 387-4900
    • Fax: (770) 387-4906

    P.O. Box 3250
    16 Center Rd.
    Cartersville, GA 30120


    • Toll-free in Georgia: (888) 373-5947
    • Atlanta: (404) 656-4713  
    • Fax: (404) 651-5778

    2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. SE - Suite 1456, East Tower
    Atlanta, GA 30334


    • Primary: (678) 248-7384
    • Fax: (678) 248-7389

    5804 Peachtree Corners East
    Norcross, GA 30092