GEOS — Georgia EPD Online System (GEOS) for Permitting, Compliance, and Facility Information
GEOS is the online portal for electronic permit applications for several EPD programs. These include: Asbestos, Brownfield, Construction Storm Water, Storm Water Industrial, Hazardous Substance Fee, Hazardous Waste Fee, Lead-Based Paint, NPDES Municipal Wastewater, Title V, Trust Fund, Invoice Payment Only, Underground Storage Tank, Voluntary Remediation Program, Scrap Tire Generator, Used Tire Dealer, Scrap Tire Processors, Scrap Tire Sorters, Tire Carriers, Tire Fee Reports, Scrap Tire Quarterly Reports, and Solid Waste. New applications will continue to be added to GEOS over time. 

GEOS Training & Technical Assistance 

GECO — Georgia Environmental Connections Online
Georgia Environmental Connections Online (GECO) is an online service allowing public access to various Georgia Air Protection Branch applications.

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GOMAS — Georgia Environmental Monitoring and Assessment System
Georgia monitors its rivers, streams, lakes, reservoirs, estuaries, beaches, wetlands, and groundwater. Water quality monitoring in Georgia began in the 1960s. The data collected by EPD is maintained in the Georgia Environmental Monitoring and Assessment System, also known as GOMAS. This water quality data, in addition to water quality data collected by municipal wastewater permit holders, is available through the GOMAS Public Database Portal. The database contains data for common water quality parameters as measured in streams, rivers, and lakes across the state. The User Interface allows the user to enter search criteria by monitoring station number, waterbody name (stream name), geopolitical boundary (county), watershed boundary (Hydrological Unit Codes, River Basin), and other parameters.

DWWATCH — Drinking Water Watch
Drinking Water Watch allows state drinking water administrators, laboratories, and the public to access drinking water information.  The information is pulled from a static copy of the state’s custodial drinking water database, which is refreshed at the state’s discretion. Users can search the drinking water database for two broad categories of information: public water systems (inventory, sampling schedules, violations and enforcement actions) and sampling data reported for public water systems.

ECHO — Enforcement and Compliance History Online
EPA's Enforcement and Compliance History Online website allows users to search for facilities in their communities to assess the facilities’ compliance with environmental regulations.

NetDMR — Online Discharge Monitoring Reports
The NetDMR tool enables permittees to complete their discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) via a secure Internet connection.

Search for a Complaint
The Complaint Tracking System (CTS) Public Inquiry Portal includes information for all complaints received by EPD from third parties after January 1, 1998 and for which EPD’s investigation of the complaint has concluded.