Asbestos Waste

The asbestos solid waste collection and disposal regulations apply to contractors and homeowners. 

The following excerpt from the Georgia Rules for Solid Waste Management provides the Environmental Protection Division with the authority to regulate "asbestos-containing waste." According to Rule 391-3-4.-01(5),asbestos-containing waste means any solid waste containing more than 1 percent, by weight, of naturally occurring hydrated mineral silicates separable into commercially used fibers, specifically the asbestiform varieties of serpentine, chrysotile, cummingtonite-grunerite, amosite, riebeckite, crocidolite, anthophyllite, tremolite, and actinolite, using the method specified in Appendix A, Subpart F, 40 CFR part 763, Section 1.

Rule 391-3-4-.04(8) Asbestos Containing Waste.

(a) Collection.

  1. Vehicles used for the transportation of containerized asbestos waste shall have an enclosed carrying compartment or utilize a covering sufficient to contain the transported waste, prevent damage to containers, and prevent release or spillage from the vehicle.
  2. Vehicles used to reduce waste volume by compaction shall not be used.
  3. Vacuum trucks used to transport waste slurry must be constructed and operated to ensure that liquids do not leak from the truck.

(b) Disposal.

  1. Asbestos containing waste is to be disposed of only in a permitted landfill or other facility authorized by the Division for acceptance of asbestos containing waste.
  2. Asbestos containing waste shall be sealed in leak-proof containers labeled with: "Caution - Contains Asbestos Fibers - Avoid Opening or Breaking Container - Breathing Asbestos is Hazardous to Your Health."
  3. Asbestos containing waste shall be disposed of in such a manner as not to destroy the integrity of the asbestos containing materials containers prior to the placement of cover material. This waste shall be completely covered immediately after deposition with a minimum of six (6) inches of non-asbestos material.

Rule 391-3-4-.04(8) provides for the disposal of asbestos containing solid waste into permitted municipal solid waste and construction and demolition landfills. EPD does not maintain a list of landfills that accept asbestos containing waste materials. Municipal solid waste landfills and construction and demolition landfills may accept asbestos containing waste materials if included in their permit. Please contact the facility to verify asbestos waste acceptance prior to collection and disposal activities. 

Disposing of asbestos containing solid waste into inert waste landfills is prohibited by the Rules.