Dry Cleaners Perchloroethylene (PCE) Requirements

40 CFR Part 63 Subpart M applies to all dry cleaning facilities that use perchloroethylene (PCE). The regulation was published in the Federal Register on September 22, 1993, amended on July 27, 2006 and September 21, 2006 and adopted by reference in Chapter 391-3-1-.02(9)(b)(27) of the Georgia Rules for Air Quality Control.

  • The regulation requires all dry cleaning facilities using PCE to submit the following two (2) forms: For all PCE Dry Cleaning Facilities
    Submit a  Download this pdf file. Notification of Compliance Status (NOCS)  form on or before July 28, 2008 (or within thirty (30) days of the facility start up date). The NOCS form includes a certification that you are complying with the new monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting requirements. PCE dry cleaners located in Georgia shall submit the NOCS by registered mail to the addresses listed on the form.
  • For new PCE Dry Cleaning Facilities
    Submit an  Download this pdf file. Initial Notification  form within thirty (30) days of the facility start up date. PCE dry cleaners shall submit the Initial Notification by registered mail to the addresses listed on the form. If your existing PCE Dry Cleaning facility has not submitted the Initial Notification form, please submit the Initial Notification form with the NOCS.

Download this pdf file. Generic Permit  for PCE Dry Cleaners

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division issues generic permits to PCE Dry Cleaners. The generic permit was updated on January 4, 2008 and is available for download above. Please read and understand the terms and conditions of the generic permit prior to submitting the Initial Notification and NOCS forms.

PCE Dry Cleaner Registry Change

If your PCE dry cleaner changes name, owner, address, or ceases to use PCE (e.g., becomes a drop-off store or replaces the PCE dry cleaning machines with non-PCE machines), please submit the  Download this pdf file. PCE Dry Cleaner Registry Change  form to the Division. The PCE Dry Cleaner Registry Change form can be faxed to 404-363-7100 (Attn: Air Toxics Unit Manager) or mailed to the GA EPD address listed on the form. You do not have to send the PCE Dry Cleaner Registry Change form by certified mail.

Guidance Documents and Additional Information

Websites with Additional Information

If you have questions concerning the completion or submission of the forms, please contact:

Georgia Small Business
Environmental Assistance Program

William Fleming
Georgia Environmental Protection Division
Air Protection Branch