Land Branch Open Records Requests and File Review Appointments

Georgia Open Records Requests (GORA)

If you need to determine whether the Land Branch has records or files for a certain site, please submit a request to: [email protected].


Making An Appointment for File Reviews

If you know which records or files you would like to request for review, we ask that you make an appointment.

To schedule an appointment to review files at our Downtown Office (those related to Hazardous Waste, Brownfields, the Voluntary Remediation Program, etc) please email: [email protected].

To schedule an appointment to review files at our Tradeport Office (those related to Underground Storage Tanks, Solid Waste, Lead and Asbestos, etc) please email: [email protected].   

Please be aware, there are costs for copying files. Additionally, for those files that are available electronically, flash drives are available for purchase for a small fee. Only state supplied flash drives may be used. Exact change and checks are accepted for payment.

In person file reviewers are asked to comply with COVID 19 precautions and we encourage you to wear a mask during your appointment.