Twin Pines Minerals, LLC

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (Division) announces an opportunity to provide comment on a draft Mining Land Use Plan (MLUP) submitted by Twin Pines Minerals, LLC. The statue and rules require the MLUP to contain a specific plan of action, being based on sound engineering and conservation principles, for accomplishing the operator's reclamation objective and for protection of adjacent watersheds from effects of erosion and siltation.

Once the MLUP is finalized, the Division will proceed with the draft permit process, including a public notice and comment period on the Surface Mining permit as well as any additional public comment periods for other required permits.

Twin Pines Public Notice Announcement - January 19, 2023

Please send comments to [email protected] 

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Twin Pines Minerals Draft Mining Land Use Plan and Associated Documents for Public Comment  (Public comments need to be made in reference to these documents)

Public Meeting Recording - February 21, 2023

Public Meeting Recording - February 23, 2023

Public Meeting Presentation - February 21 & 23, 2023

Mining Land Use Plan Summary for Twin Pines Minerals, LLC

Twin Pines Hydrologic Analysis Memo (Gage Selection) , December 7, 2022

Twin Pines Minerals, LLC Permitting Fact Sheet , February 8, 2021

Twin Pines Historical Documents (for reference only)

Additionally, the project must obtain permits from the Watershed Protection Branch and the Air Protection Branch.  All of the NPDES permit applications (including for construction stormwater) may be viewed under the name “Saunders Mine” in the Georgia EPD Online System (GEOS) for Permitting, Compliance and Facility Information here: 

Groundwater Withdrawal and Air Permit Applications may be viewed below.