Underground Storage Tank Regulatory Compliance Forms

Regulatory Compliance Checklists:

Inspection Checklist prior to April 2008

Inspection Checklist after April 2008

Inspection Checklist for EG prior to April 2008

Inspection Checklist for EG after April 2008


Changing In Use/Temporarily Out of Use Status:

Checklist for Temporarily Out of Use to In Use

Checklist for In Use to Temporarily Out of Use  Tanks can only remain in TOU status for 12-consecutive months if the facility is out of compliance.


Operator Notifications:

Notification of Class A, B, and C Operators  


New Installation and New Data Notification:


Financial Responsibility Guidance and Forms:

Financial Responsibility Guidance

Certificate of Financial Responsibility   

GUST Trust Fund Confirmation


Facility Equipment Testing Forms:

Containment Sump Testing

Containment Sump Test Form  

Containment Sump Low Level Test Form  

Guidance for Low Level Hydrostatic Test  


Overfill Prevention

Alarm and Diagram  

Ball Float Inspection and Diagram  

Flapper Valve and Diagram  

Appendix C Complete Shutoff


Spill Prevention (Spill Bucket)

Three-year Spill Prevention Equipment (Spill Bucket) Integrity Test Report  


Release Detection Equipment Testing

Probe Test  

Leak Detector Test

Sensor Functionality Test 


Cathodic Protection Testing

Galvanic-Cathodic Protection Monitoring Form  

Impressed Current-Cathodic Protection Monitoring Form  


Walkthrough Inspection

30-day Walkthrough Inspection Checklist  

Annual Walkthrough Inspection Checklist



Compatibility Demonstration Log  


Stage I EVR Test (only in ozone non-attainment areas):

Stage I EVR Test Notification Form  - Note that this is a fillable PDF form and you will need to download it to your computer before completing it.


Underground Storage Tank Technical Assistance Duty Officer

(404) 362-2687


Other Forms