UST Community Outreach

Property Owners and Community Outreach

Most of the time very few people think about underground storage tanks. For most part they are the underground containers that hold petroleum product at local gas stations or convenient stores. However, if the underground storage tank has a release, your property may be impacted depending on location, severity, and environmental conditions.

If your property is in proximity of a leaking underground storage tank, you may be contacted by a USTMP Project Officer or a professional environmental consultant requesting access to your property. Contamination does not stop at property lines or boundaries. Your cooperation directly impacts the success of the clean-up process. To properly assess the contamination, the area must be evaluated and sampled to determine the extent of contamination. This process is known as delineation.

Petroleum releases have a negative impact to soil and water sources. The contamination can enter wells that are used for drinking and sometimes negatively affect indoor air (vapor intrusion). It is important for your property to be assessed to ensure your health and safety.

Georgia’s USTMP has developed this webpage to provide education and information to property owners and the community. Our goal is to provide an effective two-way conversation that fosters the understanding of remediation if a leak occurs and how your assistance can greatly influence the success of these projects.             

Click here for Community Resources and educational flyers provided to help you understand the unique role you play in our program.