UST New and Potential Owners

We hope you find the information on this site helpful as you become a part of Georgia’s Underground Storage Tank program. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please email [email protected] or call 404.362.2687.


New Owner Information

It is important for you to understand your responsibilities as a new owner of a UST facility. Georgia’s USTMP is here to provide you with information on buying and registering a facility, inspection requirements, and the GUST Trust Fund. 

Click here if you are a new UST Facility Owner.



Potential Owner Information

If you are considering purchasing an underground storage tank or purchasing property that contains an underground storage tank, there are several important key questions to ask. Determining whether the tanks are in use, not in use, or temporary out of use is the first step.

The following flyers will help you through the process of understanding the responsibilities of buying a UST facility.

Download this pdf file. Before You Buy an Existing Facility

Download this pdf file. Before You Buy a Former Facility

You may also want to contact your county and other state agencies regarding their policies on owning and operating a business. State Agencies include but are not limited to Georgia Secretary of State, Georgia Department of Revenue and Georgia Department of Agriculture. The Georgia Association of Convenience Stores may also be able to provide additional information and resources.