UST Release Notification

A “Release” is defined as any spilling, leaking, emitting, discharging, escaping, leaching or disposing from an underground storage tank (UST) into groundwater, surface water or subsurface soils.  From a practical perspective, anytime field tests indicate the presence of petroleum in natural soils and/or groundwater, or if free product (petroleum sheen) is observed on a surface water, a release has been confirmed.

There are three scenarios where a Confirmed Release must be reported to the USTMP. Notification must be received within 24 hours if any of the following occur:

  1. If the UST(s) fail a system test on two consecutive months; or
  2. If a spill or overfill of more than 25 gallons of product occurs; or
  3. If soil and/or groundwater analytical results indicate the presence of petroleum.

To report a Confirmed Release, submit the Petroleum Product Release Notification (GUST-1) form along with detailed information on how the release was confirmed. Examples are provided below:

Example(s): If the release was confirmed from failed system tests, copies of the testing company’s report must be submitted.  If the release was the result of a spill of more than 25 gallons,  a narrative describing events leading up to the spill must be submitted.  If the release was confirmed based on the results of a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment, the entire report must be included with the notification.


Tips for Successful Submission of the GUST 1:

 1.  To ensure accuracy, have a copy of the current Annual Tank Registration form

 2.  Fields for Facility information and UST Owner information must match the current registration. 

 3.  Information for Source of Release should be as accurate and complete as possible. Use the drop-down menus for this section.

Download this pdf file. Click here for the Petroleum Product Release Notification GUST-1 form

DO NOT use the Release Notification link on the GEOS dashboard.  E-mail the completed Petroleum Release Notification (GUST-1) along with supporting documentation to [email protected] within 24-hours of release confirmation.