Recycling and Waste Reduction Resources

The Municipal Measurement Program (MMP™)

  • The Municipal Measurement Program (MMP) is a simple and free tool designed to track and measure the effectiveness of waste and recycling programs. It was created exclusively for local government (cities, counties, and municipalities). The MMP creates a centralized database to streamline data. Waste and recycling performance data is benchmarked against national averages. The tool provides reports that deliver insights and actionable recommendations to improve waste and recycling programs.

General Resources

  • Earth911 features a zip code-driven guide to local resources (including recycling centers) and articles on how to recycle, prevent pollution, and other ways to help protect the environment.  
  • The Georgia Recycling Coalition's mission is to complement and coordinate activities related to recycling; foster communication among professionals, organizations, government agencies, and individuals; and promote and enhance waste reduction and recycling programs throughout Georgia.
  • Georgia’s Recycling Markets Directory is an online database of recycling companies, searchable by company name, material and location.  
  • The Southern Information Waste Exchange is a regional online forum where businesses can advertise and look for surplus materials.  

Material-Specific Resources


Construction and Demolition Debris