Municipal Measurement Program for Waste Diversion and Recycling

The Municipal Measurement Program (MMP™) is a simple and free tool designed to track and measure the effectiveness of waste and recycling programs. It was

Municipal Measurement Program Participants 2022

created exclusively for local government (cities, counties, and municipalities). The MMP creates a centralized database to streamline data. Waste and recycling performance data is benchmarked against national averages. The tool provides reports that deliver insights and actionable recommendations to improve waste and recycling programs.

The MMP is simple and free to join. Information about how to apply can be found in the Training Video .

Step One:        Fill out application

Step Two:        Complete surveys

Step Three:      Generate reports to see your trends!

As a member of the MMP, you have access to a suite of sophisticated program performance, benchmarking, and recommendations reports. All you need to do is complete the program assessment surveys and mark them as complete. Once the necessary data has been assembled, most local governments complete the program assessment surveys within 90 minutes.

If you need help gathering the data, please consult the Guide to Participating in the MMP. You can also watch the MMP training video for a step-by-step guide to completing the MMP's program assessment surveys.

For additional help, please contact Sarah Knapp at [email protected] or (470) 524-0632.

We encourage all cities and municipalities in Georgia to join and hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about your solid waste and recycling programs and contribute to the statewide measurement of recycling and waste reduction.

Participation in the MMP could improve your eligibility to be awarded future grants for recycling and waste diversion.

For more information about the Municipal Measurement Program and its many features and benefits please visit:

Municipal Measurement Program Training Webinar 

Click here to access the ARC Network + Knowledge: Municipal Measurement Program & Waste Reduction webinar that occurred on October 21, 2021.

Click here to access the Download this pdf file. presentation slides

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The MMP is hosted in Re-TRAC Connect, a web-based software system developed by Emerge Knowledge Design, Inc.