UST Corrective Action

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Leaking underground storage tanks can not only contaminate the soil, groundwater, or surface waters of the source area but may also negatively impact surrounding areas. Petroleum vapors resulting from the release can also affect indoor spaces. Therefore, it is important to properly test all required components of your UST system in accordance with the Regulatory Compliance Requirements. Early detection of a release can help reduce costly clean-up measures and restore the environment back to a healthy and safe level. If a release occurs at your facility, you may be required to implement Corrective Action. Corrective action can also be referred to as “remediation” or “clean-up.”

GUST Trust Fund Participants

If your facility is required to submit a Corrective Action Plan (CAP)- A and you participate in the GUST Trust Fund, click here for information and the required documents.

Environmental Consultants and Contractors

If you are an environmental consultant or contractor working for a UST facility on a petroleum release, there are several forms and templates required to properly notify Georgia’s USTMP of a petroleum release within 24-hours. Click here for forms and templates for Release Confirmation, Closure, and Additional Corrective Action including CAP-Part A and CAP-Part B.  

Georgia Risk Based Corrective Action (GRBCA) Model

A Corrective Action Plan-Part B (CAP-Part B) is required if petroleum contaminants present in the soil and/or groundwater exceed one or more of the thresholds as established in GUST Rule 391-3-15.09(3). If a CAP-Part B is required, the Georgia Risk Based Corrective Action (GRBCA) Model must be used. This approved computer model is designed to determine Applicable Threshold Levels for contaminated sites. Click here for GRBCA resources, training modules and to begin the Georgia Risk-based Corrective Action Model.