UST Environmental Consultants and Contractors

If you are an environmental consultant or contractor working for a UST facility on a petroleum release, there are several forms and templates required to properly notify Georgia’s USTMP of a petroleum release within 24-hours.

Reports are submitted through the GEOS database. The guidance document below provides useful tips and step-by-step instructions on submitting a required report. 

Download this pdf file. Guide to Submitting Corrective Action Reports through GEOS


Forms and Guidance Documents:


Release Confirmation

Download this pdf file. Petroleum Product Release Notification, GUST-1  [Rev Aug 2021]

Site Check Report (fillable) [Rev May 2016]

Site Check Report (printable) [Rev May 2016]     This form is the Suspected Release Site Check Report which includes Soil and Groundwater sampling data. It is to be filled out according to the instructions provided.


Tank Closure

Download this pdf file. UST Closure Report Guidance   [Rev Jan 2011]     

Closure Activity Form, GUST-29 [Rev Jul 1999]     This form is the UST Closure Activity form to be used when tanks will be permanently closed by removal or in-place. Form is to be submitted 30-days prior to the proposed closure.

Closure Report Template [Rev Jan 2011]     This template and content is required to be submitted when a UST system is closed.


Corrective Action

Download this doc file. Corrective Action Plan Part A (CAP-A) Guidance   [Rev Jan 2011] 

Download this doc file. Site Investigation Summary Report  Template [Rev Jan 2022]

Download this doc file. Monitoring Only Report Template Guidance   [Rev Oct 2010]     

Download this pdf file. Corrective Action Plan Part B (CAP-B) Guidance   [Rev Feb 1995] 

Download this doc file. Active Remediation Progress Report Template Guidance   [Rev Jul 2010] 

Download this pdf file. Site Ranking Form  [Rev Jan 2001]


Georgia's Risk Based Corrective Action (GRBCA) Model can be used to determine Applicable Threshold Levels for Petroleum Contaminated Sites. Click here to access step-by-step guidelines for completing the GRBCA model and the Receptor Field Survey.