UST Environmental Consultants and Contractors

If you are an environmental consultant or contractor working for a UST facility on a petroleum release, there are several forms and templates required to properly notify Georgia’s USTMP of a petroleum release within 24-hours.

Reports are submitted through the GEOS database. The guidance document below provides useful tips and step-by-step instructions on submitting a required report. 

Guide to Submitting Corrective Action Reports through GEOS


Forms and Guidance Documents:


Release Confirmation

Petroleum Product Release Notification, GUST-1  [Rev Aug 2021]

Site Check Report (fillable) [Rev May 2016]

Site Check Report (printable) [Rev May 2016]    


Tank Closure

UST Closure Report Guidance   [Rev Jan 2011]     

Closure Activity Form, GUST-29 [Rev Jul 1999]     

Closure Report Template [Rev Jan 2011]     


Corrective Action

Corrective Action Plan Part A (CAP-A) Guidance   [Rev Jan 2011] 

Site Investigation Summary Report  Template [Rev Jan 2022]

Monitoring Only Report Template Guidance   [Rev Oct 2010]     

Corrective Action Plan Part B (CAP-B) Guidance   [Rev Feb 1995] 

Active Remediation Progress Report Template Guidance   [Rev Jul 2010] 

Site Ranking Form  [Rev Jan 2001]


Georgia's Risk Based Corrective Action (GRBCA) Model can be used to determine Applicable Threshold Levels for Petroleum Contaminated Sites. Click here to access step-by-step guidelines for completing the GRBCA model and the Receptor Field Survey.