UST Inspections

As a facility owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your business stays in compliance with the Rules that govern the UST program. For your convenience, guidelines on rule implementation and how the inspection process works have been provided below.

Owner/Operator Implementation Guidelines for UST Rule 391-3-15   [Rev Oct 2018]

How a Compliance Inspection Works   [Rev Nov 2017]

Your facility will be inspected by USTMP Compliance Inspectors every three (3) years. To help you continue success, an Inspection Checklist and the Most Common Violations have been provided to make sure you stay prepared. We encourage you to print and make available to your employees. Please note: The inspection checklists are categorized for Tanks and Emergency Generators (EG) installed prior to April 7, 2008, and after April 7, 2008.

Inspection Checklist prior to April 2008

Inspection Checklist after April 2008

Inspection Checklist for EG prior to April 2008

Inspection Checklist for EG after April 2008

Most Common Violations