Compliance Status Report 391-3-19-.06(3)

After a site is listed on the Hazardous Site Inventory (HSI), the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) will request that the responsible parties for the site submit a Compliance Status Report (CSR) as two electronic copies and one paper copy ( Download this doc file. electronic submittal format guide ).

The CSR documents the investigation of the site including identifying all responsible parties, locating source areas, completely defining the horizontal and vertical extent of contamination in soil and groundwater, and identifying which of the contaminated areas are not in compliance with the risk reduction standards specified in the Rules for Hazardous Site Response (391-3-19). 

If the responsible parties are unable to fulfill the requirements of the CSR, enforcement action may be taken against the responsible parties and/or the State may pay for the investigation using the Hazardous Waste Trust Fund. This page provides a description of the parts of a CSR.

Download this pdf file. Compliance Status Report Checklist

  • Concise Statement of Report Findings 391-3-19-.06(3)(b)10

Attached to the front of the compliance status report, a concise statement of the findings of the report presented in plain language, immediately followed by the certification required pursuant to Rule 391-3-19-.06(4)(a).

A summary of any previous actions taken to eliminate, control, or minimize any potential risk at the site, including actions taken to comply with the risk reduction standards of Rule 391-3-19-.07.

When a CSR is submitted to EPD, the responsible parties must publish a notice in the legal organ for the county where the Site is located, and individually provide written notice to the local governments where the Site is located (Public Participation 391-3-19-.06(5)).

Based on its review of the CSR, EPD may determine that the Site, or individual properties that make up the Site:

  • Meet the risk reduction standards, OR
  • Does not meet the risk reduction standards.

If the Site does not meet the risk reduction standards, a proposed Corrective Action Plan may be submitted with the CSR or the responsible parties may submit it when requested by EPD.