Procedures for an Administrative Amendment

A Title V application must be submitted to EPD. The GEOS application must consist of at least the following completed sections:

  • A - General Information
  • B - Contact Information
  • Any other sections that pertain to changes being made. 

If a change in ownership is involved, a written agreement, signed by both the current and new Permittee, indicating the effective date of transfer of ownership, responsibility, coverage, and liability for the facility. The agreement must also indicate that there will be no physical or operational changes at the facility as a result of the ownership transfer. The facility may implement changes upon EPD's receipt of the complete application. A draft permit is not required to be reviewed by EPA, the public or the facility.

If there will be any change in equipment or processes, a Title V application consisting of all sections must be submitted along with a SIP application and operating under the changes is not permitted until a permit is issued.

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