Tools for Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Implementation and Watershed Planning


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This page is maintained by TMDL Implementation Program of Georgia EPD and is intended to provide tools and resources for TMDL Implementation Planning as well as for general Watershed Planning, Protection, and Restoration. Please check back as new items will be added periodically.

(Note: Links marked with an asterisk (*) are not maintained by EPD and will take you away from the site.)


Georgia EPD - TMDL Implementation and Related Guidance Materials

This section provides access to many of EPD's guidance documents for watershed planning, TMDL planning, sampling, watershed assessments, how to submit data, and more.

Other TMDL Background Information - External Sites

This section contains information on TMDLs, such as what they are, how they are developed, TMDL Planning, and more.

Watershed Planning

General information on watershed planning can be found in this section. This includes access to local watershed information, links to manuals, and further guidance on planning.

Water Quality Monitoring and Modeling

Information for conducting water quality monitoring, specifically approved methods for water quality analysis, as well as, links to several different water quality models.

  • USEPA Approved Methods* - Lists of approved methods for water analysis and other information can be found on this page
  • Standard Methods Online* - This website contains almost all Standard Methods for water and wastewater analysis and indicates which methods are approved by USEPA
  • Georgia Adopt - A - Stream - Website maintained by the State's volunteer monitoring program. Contains information on how to get involved and other programs associated with Adopt-A-Stream.
  • USEPA Water Data and Tools* - USEPA page that contains information on how data and tools help protect and restore our waters to ensure that they are drinkable, fishable and swimmable. Water data tools are available for Integrated Water Analysis, Ambient Water Quality, Community Financing, Drinking Water, and Water Restoration
  • USEPA Surface Water Models* - USEPA page that contains water quality models for predicting and determining pollutant loading and movement in lakes, streams, estuaries, and marine environments
  • Green Infrastructure Modeling Tools* - This USEPA maintained page provides several models to calculate load reductions and costs based on the use of different BMPs

Urban Best Management Practice (BMP) Information

Tools and information on a host of Urban BMPs.

Non-Urban Best Management Practice (BMP) Information

Tools and information on a host of Non-Urban BMPs.

Low Impact Development Practices (LID)

Information and resources on low impact development.

Funding Opportunities

Links that provide information on various sources of funding for watershed projects.

Rules and Regulations

Information on Rules and Regulations impacting water quantity and quality. This section contains both Federal and State information.