UST Facility Owners

                               ***SCAM ALERT***

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division Underground Storage Tank Management Program (USTMP) has received information about scammers trying to impersonate the USTMP by requesting GEOS users to verify/update their contact information using a link in an email or by copy/paste a web address.

Please be aware that the USTMP will never contact GEOS users, or any member of the public, threatening to revoke UST registration. Every notification the USTMP sends to the public will always be via official means and therefore, you should never disclose your pin, password, or personal information to anyone.

Should you wish to complete the Annual Tank Registration (ATR) for 2024, log in to your GEOS account and follow the application process within the portal. Please contact the ATR Helpline at 404-362-2590 or [email protected] if you have any questions.



We hope you find the information on this site helpful as you become or continue your participation with Georgia’s Underground Storage Tank program. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please email [email protected] or call 404.362.2687.


Annual tank registration is required by the Rules that govern the UST program.  Each UST facility must be registered annually between August 1 and December 31. In addition, a UST facility must be registered within 30 days of an ownership change or addition of new tanks. Click here for more information on Tank Registration.

Selling Your Facility:  If you are selling your facility, please take the proper steps in closing out your tank registration and information. Updating the ownership information and properly transferring records to the new owner will allow a smooth transition and closeout of your responsibilities.  The document below will provide you with valuable information:

Download this pdf file. Selling Your Facility-Know Your Responsibilities



As a facility owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your business stays in compliance with the Rules that govern the UST program. For your convenience, guidelines on rule implementation and how the inspection process works have been provided. Click here for more information on Inspections.



Georgia’s UST Regulatory Compliance unit has provided a central location for accessing the required documents and forms needed for you to stay in compliance.  

Click here for guidance resources and documents including Emergency Generators, SIR Compliance, Release Detection requirements and others. 

Click here for forms and information including new UST installation, TOU guidance, operator notification and financial responsibility. 



Georgia UST Management Program does not maintain a list of UST Testers. Please refer to your professional association(s) if you need guidance.     



The Georgia UST Management Program recommends closing tanks and other UST components by removing them from the ground. Click here for the guidance document and the template for properly completed tank closures.



Georgia’s UST Corrective Action unit has provided a central location for the information you will need if a petroleum leak occurs. 

Click here for information including protocol, forms, and course of action for Owner/Operator facilities and GUST Trust Fund facilities. 

For a quick view of the benefits of participating in the GUST Trust Fund, see the document below. 

Download this pdf file. GUST Trust Fund