School Bus Grants

School buses are by far the safest, most efficient way for our children to get to school. To make the ride to school even safer for our children, EPD encourages school systems to retrofit their buses to reduce harmful emissions. To date, EPD has helped retrofit over 3,000 school buses. Thank you to all who have helped us achieve this.

Everyday more than one million children board Georgia's 15,000 school buses traveling to and from school. This does not even include the dedicated bus drivers and mechanics who drive and work on the buses. They are all breathing diesel exhaust. The GaDER School Bus Program is making it easier for school systems in Georgia to reduce the emissions from their school bus fleets. It also helps establish partnerships between school systems, community businesses, corporations, and civic organizations with the common goal of protecting the health and well being of children in their communities.

The GaDER School Bus Retrofit Program is designed to help school systems in Georgia reduce diesel emissions through:

  • The use of emission control devices
  • The use of cleaner fuels
  • The purchase of cleaner buses
  • Reduction in idling