Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) Management Plans

In accordance with Solid Waste Management Rule 391-3-4-.07(5), effective November 22, 2016, a landfill owner or operator must incorporate a CCR Management Plan into the facility’s Design and Operational Plan before the initial receipt of CCR. Landfills that accepted CCR before the effective date of the Rule and will continue to accept CCR after the effective date must do so by May 22, 2017. CCR, or coal combustion residuals, are also known as coal ash.     

To continue accepting CCR, landfills must submit an annual CCR Management and Dust Control Report. Based on annual reviews and onsite inspections, Georgia EPD will either issue written approval to continue CCR management under the existing plan or will ask the facility to amend its plan.

Georgia EPD has approved the following CCR management plans and incorporated them into the landfill permit:


Chesser Island Road Landfill


Crisp County-U.S. 41 South MSW Landfill


Pine Bluff MSW Landfill, Inc.


R&B Landfill, Inc.


Superior Landfill & Recycling Center


Taylor County Landfill


Turkey Run Municipal Solid Waste Landfill