The Ambient Monitoring Program of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division’s (EPD) Air Protection Branch announces the release of a newly designed and reconfigured website devoted to Georgia’s air quality called

 “Accessing air quality information in Georgia has never been easier!  The new website was revised with the needs of Georgia citizens in mind.  Real time air quality data, as well as information on long term air quality trends, is readily available,” says Karen Hays, Chief of EPD’s Air Protection Branch.

The website provides the smog alerts and real-time monitoring data that Georgia citizens have come to rely on and trust, but adds information about individual air pollutants and their impacts. The new format provides a wealth of information in a visually appealing way.  It is easily accessible to students, teachers and citizens who wish to gain a better understanding of air quality in Georgia, while preserving useful technical content for scientists and researchers.

Visitors to the website will learn about the major air pollutants in Georgia and how they are monitored.  They will see historical air quality trends and have access to annual reports, ozone exceedance reports, and so much more.  The website also covers events like wildfires and their impacts on air quality. is intuitive, colorful and full of information, allowing all Georgia citizens to learn more about air quality in their state.

Contact Information:

News Media Contact: Kevin Chambers (404) 651-7970