The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) plans to use state funds to extinguish a stubborn fire at an unpermitted landfill in the City of South Fulton.

     The site caught fire last September and ongoing enforcement efforts to get the landfill owner to put out the smoldering fire have not yet been successful.  Smoke from the property located at 7635 Bishop Road has spread throughout the surrounding community.

     The burning debris includes trees, stumps, and wood from demolished buildings. The smoke is an irritant particularly for the elderly, children, and people with existing respiratory problems. 

     “In coordination with the City of South Fulton, EPD will identify the funds, resources, and expertise needed to extinguish the fire and bring relief to nearby residents,” said EPD Director Richard Dunn. 

     While the state and city coordinate to extinguish the fire, EPD will continue to pursue legal action against the property owner.  EPD has asked a judge in Fulton County Superior Court to hold the owner in contempt for his failure to appropriately address the unpermitted landfill and fire.  In addition, EPD filed a separate case seeking substantial fines for the owner’s violations of environmental law.

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