Brunswick, GA – A Unified Command has been established in Brunswick on Tuesday to coordinate response actions and disseminate information for the Brunswick East River Mystery Sheen (BERMS) Response.

An investigation has been ongoing since February 2019 to identify the source of the sheen affecting the waterway. Hard boom and absorbent materials have been placed around the property’s waterfront to contain and recover any product that enters the water as the source of the sheen remains unknown at this time.

The Unified Command has spill response contractors working to locate and secure the source of the discharge to prevent any potential environmental impacts.

The Brunswick East River Mystery Sheen (BERMS) Response Unified Command includes the:

     U.S. Coast Guard

     U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

     Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Additional Supporting Agencies:

     City of Brunswick Fire

     City of Brunswick Emergency Management

     National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

     Resolve Marine, Inc.

The media is requested to email [email protected] for response inquiries and interviews.

The Unified Command’s operational priorities are ensuring the safety of the public and responders and protecting the environment, information dissemination, and maintaining the stability of the Marine Transportation System.

For any reports of pollution please contact the National Response Center at 800-424-8802.