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Note: For x-ray producing machines (such as those used in Healthcare), please contact the Department of Community Health at 404-656-4507 or email at [email protected]

For Electromagnetic Radiation Information

Radioactive Material Program fees will be invoiced Oct 1.  Due to the continuing public health state of emergency, the program is providing a grace period until September 30, 2020.  There is no need to contact the program directly, however please send in your payment as soon as possible.

  • Please submit all applications to: [email protected]    (preferred – please include License Number in Subject).

    Certain licensing actions require a ‘wet ink’ signature on record, if that is the case, the specialist assigned to your facility will contact you.

    or to:
    Georgia Department of Natural Resources
    Radioactive Materials Program
    4244 International Parkway, Suite 120
    Atlanta, GA 30354



The Radiation Control Act was passed by the Georgia Legislature in 1964.  This Act allowed the State of Georgia to enter into an agreement with the former Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) to assume regulatory responsibilities over byproduct, source, and certain special nuclear materials.  The agreement was signed by the Governor and the AEC on December 15, 1969,  making Georgia an Agreement State.  Currently, there are 39 Agreement States in the U.S.

In 1990, the Radiation Control Act was amended to transfer the Radioactive Materials Program to the Department of Natural Resources.  The X-Ray Control Program remained with the Diagnostic Services Unit in the Department of Human Resources.


The Radioactive Materials Program is responsible for regulating radioactive material in the state.

Radioactive Materials Program Functions

Licensing and Inspections. The Radioactive Materials Program has issued more than 1,350 licenses since its inception in 1969.  The Program has approximately 500 active licenses, which includes reciprocal approvals of out-of-state and NRC licensees who perform regulated activities in the State of Georgia. Our license reviewers evaluate new and renewal license applications as well as notification, amendment and termination requests.

The Program performs inspections throughout the year.  Each in-state licensee is assigned to a category from I to V, which is consistent with Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) requirements that are based on potential risks to the licensee and the public.  Category I licensees represent the highest potential risks while Category V licensees represent the least.  Category I licensees, such as  industrial radiographers, are inspected at least annually while Category V licensees, such as portable gauge users, may be inspected once every five years.

Out-of-state licensees operating under reciprocity are inspected on a percentage basis.

Other Activities

  • Review and approve Shielding Calculations, e.g., HDR, Cyclotrons
  • Administer the Industrial Radiographer Examination
  • Addresses public concerns and answer questions regarding radioactive material
  • Provide additional educational assistance through licensing guides, notices and bulletins, workshops and seminars
  • Coordinate with other regulatory agencies to provide reciprocity for their licensees performing work in Georgia

Rules And Regulations

  • The use of radioactive material in the State of Georgia is regulated by Chapter 391-3-17 “Rules and Regulations for Radioactive Materials.”  The rules are revised periodically to maintain compatibility with NRC regulations. The recent updated rule book can be downloaded here at Download this pdf file. Radioactive Materials Rulebook Effective 04-21-2024 .
  • By law, the Program is required to conduct public hearings for comments on any Proposed Rule Making during the proposed rule phase.

Staff Directory

Title Name Email Address
Program Manager 1 Shatavia Walker [email protected]
License Reviewer/Inspector Anastasia Bennett [email protected]
License Reviewer/Inspector John Hays [email protected]
License Reviewer/Inspector Stacy Allman [email protected]
License Reviewer/Inspector Kaamilya Najeeullah [email protected]
License Reviewer/Inspector Avionne Fortner [email protected]
License Reviewer/Inspector Elijah Holloway [email protected]
License Reviewer/Inspector Heather Pitman [email protected]