Wastewater Technical & Environmental Review Guidance and Forms

Associated guidance and forms may be found in the following sections:

System Design Guidance

Download this pdf file. Planning for Domestic Wastewater Systems

Sewage Systems

Water Pollution Control Plant Discharge Systems

Land Application Systems

Download this pdf file. The presentation from the August 6, 2018 Public Meeting regarding the above proposed document may be found here . The public comment period for the proposed revisions has been extended to September 14, 2018. Comments may be submitted for review on or before this date to [email protected] with the subject “Land Treatment System Guidelines."

Subsurface Systems

Reclaimed and Reuse Water

Technical Review Process Guidance and Forms

The guidance documents below provide detailed information on each individual step in the technical review process. An overview of the wastewater design approval process may be found here.

Sewage Systems

Antidegradation Analysis

Environmental Information Document

Design Development Report

Plans and Specifications

Operations Manual