• Can I change my preparer account to a responsible official account?

    No. If you selected the wrong account type, you must contact EPD's IT department to have it changed.


    EPD IT - GEOS Administrator

    Visit: (details)

    2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
    Suite 1456, East Tower
    Atlanta, GA 30334

    Provide the following information to EPD's IT department:

    • Your full name
    • Confirmation that you are the tank owner
    • Email address you used to register your account
    • Facility name(s) and address(es)
    • What submittal types are needed (only the UST Registration Form or additional submittal types)
  • How do I add facilities to my account?

    Click the “My Account” tab on your dashboard. On that page there will be several tabs on the next line down. Click “Associate Facilities."

  • Why does my facility not appear when I'm trying to associate it to my account?

    In order for GEOS to find your facility, everything has to match exactly. For this reason, it often better to fill out fewer fields when associating your facility. Try just a portion of the name or only the number and road name in the search fields. More than likely, the system will return only a few items to select from. Make sure that the source column lists "UST Program" when making your selection.

  • Why can't I search by facility or location ID?

    GEOS does not allow searches by facility or location ID as not all environmental interests have these. One resource for finding the name and address of a facility can be found here. The first file under "Related Files" section of the web page is an Excel spreadsheet with all facility IDs with names and addresses.

  • As a consultant, can I be a responsible official for tank owners who hire me?

    No. The Responsible Official can be any delegated employee of the company (does not have to be the company owner) but it cannot be someone that is contracted by the company, they actually have to be employed directly by the company.

  • Why did I fail e-verify and what do I do now?

    E-verify compares the information you entered to a federal database. If you fail E-verify, click “Cancel” and “Proceed with ESA Option.” When you receive your temporary password via email, log in and create your password and PIN (save this information for later). Then go to “My Account” and “Associate Facilities” to add your first facility. After adding your facility, click “Print Subscriber Agreement.” Print this agreement and mail it to EPD.