Watershed Assessment and Protection Plan Guidance Documents


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Updated Guidance Documents


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Download this pdf file. Notice of Updates of the Watershed Assessment/Watershed Protection Plan Guidance Documents and Bioassessment Changes For Protection Plan Long-term Monitoring

Download this zip file. Watershed Assessment Macroinvertebrate SOP Field and Laboratory Sheets [August 31, 2016]

Download this zip file. Watershed Assessment Fish Field Sheets [March 28, 2016]

Download this pdf file. Guidelines for Using Third Party Biological Data For 305(b)/303(d) Purposes [Revised April 2019]

The ZIP file link below contains an Excel file provided for all NPDES / LAS permit holders who are required to complete a Watershed Assessment and Watershed Protection Plan. This Excel spreadsheet should be used to report all water quality data collected during the initial Watershed Assessment process and during the Watershed Protection Plan annual reporting periods.

Download this zip file. Watershed Assessment and Protection Plan Data Reporting Template and Instructions [May 2022]

Tools and resources for TMDL Implementation Planning, as well as for general Watershed Planning, Protection, and Restoration can be found at Tools for Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Implementation and Watershed Planning.