Radiography Certification

As of January 1, 2022, the state of Georgia will no longer facilitate the certification of industrial radiographers.  The list of states that are continuing to offer the exam is listed at the bottom of this page.  For the remainder of 2021 Georgia will continue to offer the dates below

Georgia’s industrial radiographer exam program has changed, and we will no longer be hosting exams at our current location.  Exams are now administered by a computer-based company named Pearson Vue. Pearson Vue has over 20,000 testing facilities and this will increase the availability for testing dates. Applications and fees will continue to be processed as they have been in the past.  Once the applications have been approved, Pearson Vue will contact the examinee via e-mail to make arrangements for a testing date.

2021 Industrial Radiography Examination Schedule and Deadlines

Application Submission Deadline Examination Month
January 15 February
February 16 March
March 22 April
April 19 May
May 17 June
June 21 July
July 19 August
August 23 September
September 20 October
October 18 November
November 22 December

Please note that Georgia will no longer issue new Radiographer Certification after 2021. Your existing Georgia card will be good until it expires.


  • Increased availability for testing dates
  • Each applicant will have 2 months after the e-mail from Pearson Vue to schedule his/her exam
  • Convenient locations available
  • Applicant will know his/her score immediately after exam completion

How to Apply:

  • Use the application form provided, make copies of the blank application if needed. Only applications with the original signature of the applicant will be accepted. ( Download this pdf file. examination application form )
  • Include the $125.00 examination fee with completed application. Make checks payable to: Radioactive Materials Program
  • Include all supporting documentation (see certification requirements below)
  • Mail application, exam fee, and paperwork to:
    Georgia Department of Natural Resources,
    Radioactive Materials Program
    4244 International Parkway,
     Suite 120,
    Atlanta, Georgia, 30354

Certification Requirements:

Industrial radiography certification identification (ID) cards will be distributed to individuals who successfully complete the requirements below:

  • Complete a radiation safety course accepted by Georgia, another Agreement State, or the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission that consists of at least 40 hours.
  • Document on-the-job training (OJT) as a radiographer's assistant, supervised and signed by one or more radiographers, which includes 320 hours of active participation in radioactive material operations.
  • Take and pass an industrial radiographer certification examination administered by an approved, independent certifying organization or certifying state.

Once the above requirements are met, the individual will receive a certification ID card that is valid for 5 years. The ID card authorizes the individual to perform industrial radiography with radioactive material. At the end of the 5-year period, the individual will need to retest in order to renew the certification.

Industrial Radiography Certification Exam Study Guide

For more information about Pearson Vue please check their website at

A List of States and Contact Information that offer the 2022 industrial radiography exam appears below.

RAM = Radioactive Materials Only;
X-RAY = X-Ray Machines Only;
Both = a combination of Radioactive Materials and X-Ray Machines

Certifications offered: RAM, X-RAY, Both
Contact person: Myron Riley
Telephone: (334) 206-5401 or 1-800-582-1866 (in Alabama)
[email protected]

Certifications offered: RAM, X-RAY, Both
Contact person: Linda Jenkins
Telephone: (217) 785-9913
[email protected]

Certifications offered: RAM, X-RAY, Both
Contact person: Tiffany White
Telephone: (225) 219-3680
[email protected]

Certifications offered: RAM, X-RAY, Both
Primary contact person: Thomas Hillman
Telephone: (207) 287-8401
[email protected]
Secondary contact person: Catherine Perham
Telephone: (207) 287-5696
[email protected]

North Dakota
Contact Person: David Stradinger
Telephone (701) 328-6410
[email protected]

Certifications offered: RAM and Both
Contact person: Kristie Valtierra
Telephone: (405) 702-5222
 [email protected]

Certifications offered: RAM, X-RAY, Both
Contact person: Bridget Stephens
Telephone: (512) 834-6688 ext. 2229
[email protected]