Applications and Instructions Emission Reduction Credit Banking Program

Application to Certify and Bank Emissions Credits (Form ERC-1)

Form ERC-1 (Word Doc)  (210.5 KB)
Form ERC-1 (PDF)  (45.31 KB)
Form ERC-1 Instructions (Word Doc)  (77.5 KB)
Form ERC-1 Instructions (PDF)  (69.84 KB)

This form is for the use of sources that have achieved reductions in air emissions and wish to certify and bank them as Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs) in the Georgia Environmental Protection Division's ERC program. The generating source must meet the eligibility requirements for the ERC program, and the reduction in emissions must meet certain criteria established by state and federal regulations.

Application for Re-evaluation of Emissions Reduction Credits (Form ERC-2)

Form ERC-2 (Word Doc)  (74.5 KB)
Form ERC-2 (PDF)  (30.9 KB)
Form ERC-2 Instructions (Word Doc)  (53 KB)
Form ERC-2 Instructions (PDF)  (38.77 KB)

Application for Use of Emission Reduction Credits (Form ERC-3)

Form ERC-3 (Word Doc)  (102 KB)
Form ERC-3 (PDF)  (33.53 KB)
Form ERC-3 Instructions (Word Doc)  (61.5 KB)
Form ERC-3 Instructions (PDF)  (45.84 KB)

Application to Transfer Ownership of Emission Reduction Credits (Form ERC-4)

Form ERC-4 (Word Doc)  (83 KB)
Form ERC-4 (PDF)  (32.4 KB)
Form ERC-4 Instructions (Word Doc)  (61.5 KB)
Form ERC-4 Instructions (PDF)  (41.72 KB)

Contact Information Update Notification (Form ERC-5)

Form ERC-5 (Word Doc)  (62 KB)
Form ERC-5 (PDF)  (27.63 KB)
Form ERC-5 Instructions (Word Doc)  (47 KB)
Form ERC-5 Instructions (PDF)  (33.35 KB)