Radioactive Materials License for Small Entities

I just received my annual invoice for my Radioactive Materials License and it is for the Nominal Amount and I am a Small Entity.  What should I do?

  1. Confirm you qualify under the provisions of Georgia Rule 391-3-17-.10(2) for Small Entity and Small Entity Lower Tier (See below)
  2. If you qualify, mail the Download this pdf file. Small Entity/Lower Tier Attestation Form found on the Forms page  with any supporting documentation/information requesting a Small Entity/Lower Tier review. This will have to be done annually. Please make sure the form is notarized and submit to the Small Entity / Lower Tier Fee Review at the EPD Radioactive Materials Program.
  3. Remit your invoice with payment and the appropriate fee written in under “Annual Fee”, specifying Small Entity or Small Entity Lower Tier on the invoice and remit to the address provided on it. Your account will be credited and the amount due will be updated upon completion of the Small Entity/Lower Tier review.

Small Entity

The size standards for Georgia small entities are as follows:

  1. A small business is a business with annual receipts of $3.5 million or less except private practice physicians for which the standard is annual receipts of $1 million or less.
  2. A small organization is a not-for-profit organization which is independently owned and operated and has annual receipts of $3.5 million or less.
  3. Small governmental jurisdictions are governments of cities, counties, towns, school districts, or special districts with a population of less than 50,000.
  4. A small educational institution is one that is (1) supported by a qualifying small governmental jurisdiction, or (2) one that is not state or publicly supported and has 500 employees or less.

Small Entity Lower Tier

Small businesses and not-for-profit organizations with annual receipts of less than $250,000 and small governmental jurisdictions with populations of less than 20,000 qualify for the lower tier small entity fee.

Download this pdf file. Radioactive Materials License Fee Table