Revoke Your Air Permit

When a facility determines that it no longer needs to be permitted, the facility should notify the Stationary Source Compliance Program of the GA Air Protection Branch.

The two most common reasons for requesting a permit revocation are:

  • the facility has permanently ceased operation, or
  • the facility has removed all applicable equipment requiring a permit.

Fees - If your facility has requested a permit revocation action, the permit is considered revoked on the date that the permit revocation letter is signed by the EPD Director.

Emission fees are not required for the calendar year that the revocation letter is processed. However, if a letter is processed and signed in the current calendar year and the facility ceased operation in the previous calendar year, the facility would have to pay emission fees for the previous calendar year. This requirement went into effect beginning on January 1, 2006.

The sample revocation letter below indicates the information needed to complete the revocation of a facility permit(s).

Download this doc file. Sample Revocation Letter