Land Application System (LAS)

Anyone who land applies or intends to land apply treated wastewater via a land treatment system (LAS) must obtain a LAS permit from the State.

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LAS permits are available for both industrial and domestic wastewater, and can be in the form of individual permits or general permits. The permit process below illustrates the individual LAS permitting process.

For more information on the general permit process and the specific ones in effect, please visit our general permit page.

New or expanding facilities may also be required to go through a technical design review alongside the permitting process. Facilities are encouraged to review these Technical Design Requirements early.  

LAS Permit Process


To ensure the timely renewal of a permit, please ensure that a complete application is submitted a minimum of 180 days before permit expiration.

Electronic permit applications and forms can be found here.

Permit Requirements

Upon the effective date of the permit, the facility is required to comply with all of the requirements of the permit. The permittee should carefully review their permit before it is issued to ensure all of the requirements are understood, such as: the identified monitoring locations, monitoring and reporting frequencies, parameters required for monitoring, and effluent limitations. The conditions listed below define some of the components that may be included in a LAS Permit.

For more specific information on permit conditions and reporting conditions, please visit the corresponding links. Additional information is also available for special conditions

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