General GEOS FAQ

  • Can I continue filling out the application without selecting a facility in the dropdown box?

    Yes. You may save your application as you proceed through the sections, your application will not pass validation until you have a facility selected. You will also not be able to submit your application for RO approval if you are a preparer or submit to EPD if you are an RO until a facility is selected.

  • Do I have to use GEOS to submit applications or can I continue to submit paper applications?

    If your application or report type requires the use of GEOS then you must use GEOS to do those submissions. At this time the following require the use of GEOS: For Air Protection, Title V applications must be submitted using GEOS (SIP applications may be done using paper or GEOS); For Watershed, most applications and reports require the use of GEOS. Monthly Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) are done in NetDMR, a separate web site. Contact the Watershed Branch at 404-463-1511 to determine the requirement for your application or report; For Land Protection, it is required to use GEOS for applications and reports related to Brownfield sources, Lead based Paint and Asbestos, Scrap Tire, Solid Waste, Underground Storage Tanks, Trust Funds Reimbursement, and Voluntary Remediation.

  • How do I get started using GEOS?

    A valid email address is required to create an account and begin using GEOS. Information about using GEOS can be found on this web site. Please see the Getting Started page for help and training material. If you cannot find what you need on this site, please contact us and we will provide assistance. It is highly recommended that you attend a training class before you start using GEOS.


  • I have a pending application that I want to just delete. Is that possible?

    You access unfinished applications by going to “Submittals” then to “Edit Pending Submittals”. This takes you to the “Unfinished Submittal Screen”. To delete an application or report, click the red “x” to the left of the application/report that needs to be deleted and confirm the deletion. Once you have confirmed the deletion, that application will be removed from your list of pending applications. The deleted application/report is not recoverable.

  • I have multiple permits which have similar information. Is there any way to copy a permit?

    For some application types, creating new applications by copying submitted applications is possible. To begin, click “Submittal” then “Track Submitted Submittals” on the left menu. To the left of the application to be copied, click the “View” button. When the application opens, there will be a blue button saying “Copy Submittal” if the application can be copied. Click that button to begin the process of creating a new application by copying the application you chose.


  • I submitted previously on paper but it is not expired yet, do I need to resubmit in GEOS?

    You do not need to resubmit until it is time to renew your permit. At that time the submittal will need to go through GEOS

  • I want to get notifications about future training events, how do I do that?

    We have created a listserv to better manage email correspondence. If you would like to be added to the listserv you can add yourself using this link

  • I was working and went to search on a popup and my screen went grey. What happened?

    Depending on the content of the current screen, you may have to scroll up or down to see the popup window.

  • My facility does not appear in the drop-down list in my application. What do I do?

    If you have a Responsible Official account, then you need to associate your facility with your account and get your RO status approved using e-Verify or, if that fails, print and mail the paper electronic subscriber agreement (ESA) signed in both sections E and F. The ESA mailed must bear the RO’s original ink signatures. If you have a preparer account, you need to have your RO associate you with their account AND authorize you for the facility and application type(s). For more information about this, see Georgia EPD Online System (GEOS) Technical Assistance.

  • When filling out my application none of the pollutants are showing up for my facility. Did I do something wrong?

    More than likely the issue is that you either missed or skipped a prior section that is used to populate these values. GEOS is designed where everything is filled out in order so that as a user progresses through the form the appropriate answers appear in later sections.

  • Why am I seeing the words “UAT” or "Training" in Red letters at the top left corner of the screen?

    You are accessing the testing or training server. You shouldn’t be using these sites unless you were specifically asked to test or train on this site. Please remove this link from your bookmarks and use the production site whose link is as follows:

  • Will my test account for GEOS be transferred to the live GEOS site?

    No, the test system and the live system of GEOS are separate. Accounts are created individually for each of the sites. Additionally, no work performed on the test system will transfer to the live system either.