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Individual Permit Electronic Applications and Forms

Please be advised that all wastewater permit applications and notices of intent will require electronic submittals via the Georgia EPD Online System (GEOS) by Fall 2018.  More information on GEOS, including training and guidance materials can be found here.

All of the applications for the various types of individual permits are listed below:

Forms for coverage under NPDES or LAS general permits may be found here.

For Renewal Applications

Please be advised that reissuance applications are due in their complete form 180 days before the expiration of the permit. Monitoring of many of the application pollutants may not be required by your current permit; therefore, you may have to schedule additional sampling analyses in order to complete the application.  If you have existing data that fulfills the application requirements that is less than 4.5 years old for domestic applicants or 3 years old for industrial applicants, you may use that data in lieu of conducting additional sampling.  EPD recommends that facilities begin the process early, such that a complete application may be received on time and without enforcement action. Facilities may request a pre-application meeting with EPD prior to application submittal to ensure the application is complete.

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES)

Domestic Wastewater Applicants

Municipal Treatment Works discharging domestic and/or process wastewater:

  • Discharges from a POTW: EPA Form 2A and Sludge Addendum

Private dischargers of domestic wastewater require all of the following:

For new or expanding proposed point source discharges to surface waters, please refer to the requirements for Technical Design Review before beginning the application process.

Industrial Wastewater Applicants

All industrial applicants must complete both of the following:

All industrial applicants must also submit the applicable Site Specific Application(s):

  • Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation and Aquatic Animal Production: EPA Form 2B
  • Renewals – Industrial Wastewater Discharges: EPA Form 2C 
  • New Sources and New Discharges – Industrial Wastewater Discharges: EPA Form 2D
  • Non-Process Wastewater Discharges: EPA Form 2E
  • Industrial Storm Water Discharges: EPA Form 2F

For new or expanding proposed point source discharges to surface waters, a socioeconomic demonstration and alternatives analysis must be conducted as a part of the application. Please submit the Anti-degradation Analysis Checklist & Form as follows:

Land Application Systems (LAS)

Both Industrial and Domestic Wastewater Facilities must complete the following LAS application:

For new or expanding facilities, please refer to the requirements for Technical Design Review before beginning the application process.

Industrial Pretreatment

State Issued Pretreatment Permit Application

Any facility who discharges process wastewater to a POTW must obtain a pretreatment permit from EPD using the below form. If the POTW has an approved industrial pretreatment program, please contact the local POTW to obtain a permit.

Industrial Pretreatment Programs

POTWs required to obtain an approved Industrial Pretreatment Program should utilize the following guidance:

Underground Injection Control (UIC)

Class V Permits

Mixed Waste Non-Domestic Septic System (NDSS) Permit:

Remediation System Injection Well Permit:

Class V Pilot Test

The following Pilot Test Notification form may be used when an applicant intends to acquire accurate and precise field data for the development of a Corrective Action Plan and for determining the applicability of the type of injected fluid. The form should be submitted to EPD a minimum of 30 days prior to the execution of the pilot test.