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NPDES Construction Storm Water General Permits

The 2018 NPDES General Permits Nos. GAR100001, GAR100002 and GAR100003 authorizing stormwater discharges associated with construction activities to the waters of the State of Georgia have been reissued with an effective date of August 1, 2018.  The permits and resources are available below.  In addition, the permits and EPDs response to comments are posted on the Watershed Protection Branch Permit and Public Comments Clearing House.  

GAR100001 Stand Alone Construction General Permit - May 2018

GAR100002 Infrastructure Construction General Permit - May 2018

GAR100003 Common Development Construction General Permit - May 2018

NPDES General Construction Permit References

EPD Response to Draft NPDES Construction Permit Comments – May 2018

Fact Sheet for Construction General Permit - May 2018

The NPDES General Permits No. GAR100001, No. GAR100002 and No. GAR100003 for storm water discharges associated with construction activity have an effective date of September 24, 2013.

Y2012 Integrated 305(b)/303(d) Report

Y2010 Integrated 305(b)/303(d) Report

Updated: September 5, 2013