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NPDES Electronic Reporting

On December 21, 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) promulgated the NPDES Electronic Reporting Rule (E-Rule) in 40 CFR 127 to modernize Clean Water Act reporting for municipalities, industries, and other facilities by converting to an electronic data reporting systems (ie. NetDMR) for NPDES permits instead of submitting written paper reports such as the Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs).  In accordance with the new regulations, beginning December 21, 2016, all NPDES permittees will be required to submit their DMR submissions electronically utilizing the web-based Net DMR system. 

The E-Rule does not change what information is required to be submitted. It only changes the method by which information is provided (i.e., electronic rather than paper-based).

NetDMR is a web-based system and requires only a computer, an Internet browser (e.g., Microsoft Internet Explorer), and high-speed access to the Internet (i.e., DSL, fiber optic). NetDMR allows the permittees to communicate securely with the State, requiring passwords and known responses to security questions. NetDMR is designed to provide your electronic submittals with the same level of legal dependability as paper submittals.

Benefits of Electronic Reporting

This action will save time and resources for permittees, states, tribes, territories, and the U.S. Government while increasing data accuracy, improving compliance, and supporting EPA’s goal of providing better protection of the nation’s waters. This regulation will help provide greater clarity on who is and who is not in compliance and enhances transparency by providing a timelier, complete, more accurate, and nationally-consistent set of data about the NPDES program.

How to Register for NetDMR

To register for a NetDMR account, request a signatory role for your account, then print, sign, and transmit your signed Subscriber Agreement form to the address below:

Training Information

In-person training sessions are being held at various locations statewide to guide permittees through the registration and DMR entry/submission processes. You are encouraged to participate in one of these many trainings being offered throughout the year to familiarize yourself with NetDMR.

For More Information and FAQ 

Within this site, you will find training materials, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, and Quick Guides to get you started using NetDMR.  If you have any questions about NetDMR, please contact Noel DoHarris at

Training Events for NetDMR and GEOS

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